News and Testimonials


August 2022

easit are thrilled to announce that we have donated 30 bikes to Re-Cycle which will be split equally between their three partners in Ghana, The Gambia and South Africa, providing quality and sustainable bike transport to people in Africa. easit encourages people to use more sustainable methods of transport for both work and leisure in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, one of the leading causes of climate change, and also improve health and wellbeing. 


April 2018

We believe easitMEMBERS are our greatest ambassadors, so who better to shout about the benefits of becoming an easitNETWORK member.


“easitNETWORK has successfully engaged companies in travel planning activities in sustained way and on a scale not previously achieved in Surrey. We have been pleased with the benefits that the 'easit' network has brought to companies in Surrey and to the agenda of reducing transport carbon emissions and congestion.”

Community Travel Manager

"We’ve decided to partner with a social enterprise that specializes in travel planning to manage our plan to benefit from their knowledge in this area, the relationships with travel companies already in place and because they already have an active community from the other travel plans they run.  We believe joining easit will help us to achieve our environmental targets of reducing our carbon footprint"

“A recent study focussing on bringing about improvements to Manor Royal, one Crawley’s key employment areas and an important economic driver of West Sussex and the Gatwick Diamond, showed that congestion was a major issue for businesses. Given the importance of Manor Royal to the local and wider economy - providing employment for 30,000 people and attracting approximately 18,000 of these from outside the area – easitCRAWLEY was introduced to tackle the problems caused by business-related traffic movements to help achieve better commercial and community outcomes."

Economic Development Manager

“I commute on a daily basis between Worthing and Crawley and I had been looking for someone to car share with for some time. Once I became a member of easitCRAWLEY I was soon able to trace two other people who also take the same journey. We all start and finish our days work at

approximately the same time so we have all found it to be most convenient and as the costs are now split three ways, money saving as well. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and conversation helps the journey time to pass much quicker. If you make the same journey to work every day I would recommend car sharing every time.”

“I use to drive everyday to work when I first started but now I use the train with the discount card.” 

 “It makes the train a much more feasible option – at the moment our public transport is so expensive it is cheaper for the individual to drive but this then causes huge problems with traffic / parking / pollution. Easit is an excellent initiative to address these major problems.”

“The easit card makes it affordable for me to travel to work by train rather than car, which also means I don’t need to worry about finding parking in Oxford too, which can be both difficult to find and expensive. I find train travel a much more relaxing way to travel to work so wouldn’t be without my easit card now”.